How I Ended Up In Europe

Here’s the story:

At the beginning of my school year we were told that the second years’ mission trip was to Romania. I’m a first year at Charis Bible College, and even though it wasn’t part of our requirement for that year, we had the option to go. So I was thinking “Heck yes! Why wouldn’t I?” Buuuut theeeen I decided I wasn’t going to go. Money and getting time off of work type things. So this all happened in.. Novemberish of last year? And in Jan or February of this year, my dad (who’s is an apprentice, or TA, at CBC) told me that my brother is also going to Romania and not only will they be going on the missions trip, but will also be staying a few extra weeks. (Whaaat?? This trip just got even better!) I talked to my hubs and to my boss about being gone for two weeks. Of course, my love was as encouraging and supportive as always (I’ll have to dedicate a post just for him so I can tell you all how wonderful he is), and my boss was super understanding and flexible.

I talked to my dad later that day and told him he can go ahead and have the travel agent start looking for a ticket for me. He calls me the next day and let’s me know that my ticket is bought and it’s for three weeks! And that is how I ended up here in Romania for a week longer than I had planned for. 🙂


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